Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BizBureau Platform ? ?
BizBureau Platformis a technology based platform for MSME businesses to collect faster their  regular and overdue payments amicably. We can assist you through BizBureau Platform to collect your overdue payments almost in all the part of the country. BizBureauPlatform  assist businesses to get paid on regular and overdue business payments.    We automate your follow ups in regular and overdue payments.  
The platform is very useful for businesses to resolve their payment issues amicably. If required, go for amicable solutions (Alternative Dispute Redresssal) like e-arbitration and if the problem still persists go for legal action under consultation with you.  We have partnered with specialised Law Firms who offer services at discounted fees to our registered Members.
2. What is BizBureau’s ‘Customer First Approach’ meaning ?
BizBureau “Customer First” approach take care and honour the business relationship and reputation with your clients.  We try to collect the dues honouring your business relationship and future businesses between you and your customers.
3. Can I get demo of the software ?
We are delighted to share a demo.  Watch this YouTube Video for a clearer picture.

4. How BizBureau Platform collect the dues ?
We like any other jobs, specialised in payment collection job.  We first of all, on receiving invoices and dues from your side, send overdue notifications (IVR, SMS, Whatsapp and Email) to your customer(s) while educating them how their records could be seen by other businesses and Banks which can have adverse effect on his future businesses and loans.BizBureau work somewhat like a Credit Bureau and data could be accessed by Banking Sector Institutions as well as other MSME for reference before sanctioning loans or entering into business deals.  This induces the client to clear your overdue payments and maintain a positive Credit Record in the industry.
If required, go for amicable solutions (Alternative Dispute Redresssal) like e-arbitration and if the problem still persists go for legal action under consultation with you.  We have partnered with specialised Law Firms who offer services at discounted fees to our registered Members.

5. How BizBureau Platform is different from Invoicing  Software(s) ?
Invoicing Software are just sending reminders and same is your internal Accounts Team doing.  Though, collection of payment is much specialised job and need multiples tools at different time.  Moreover, BizBureau Platform is like a Credit Bureau for Banking sector which motivate your Customers to expedite your payment to keep a clear payment history and maintain a healthy payment score.  In many cases, BizBureau Platform go beyond it also in the attempt to get clear your genuine dues.

6. How BizBureau Platform is different from Invoicing  Software(s) ?
In Overdue Payments, we assist and help you in collecting your past and overdue payments from Customers. We have designed a technology based platform clubbed with legal strategy to bring results. It means it is a mix if technology and human brains. In Payment Receivable Outsourcing we enter into an agreement with you to collect your regular monthly payments under consultation with you. Our team of expert meet you personally and design a policy suitable for your business.

7. What if the customer refuses to pay despite technology follow ups?
BizBureau internal Para Legal under consultation with you after reviewing your case and your interest, hand over the case to specialised Law Firm for taking further legal action, at discounted fees. Beside it, BizBureau encourage you for e-arbitration  as Alternate Legal measures, to resolve your payment issue.

8. How Amicable Dispute Resolution benefit to your business?
E-Kollect understand and promote the value of your ongoing business relationships with your customers. We are proactive in seeking amicable solutions. Our ‘Customer First’ approach alongwith Amicable Dispute Resolution efforts, help you to resolve your issues amicably without disturbing your relations with the customers.

9. Can you guide me to submit my dues and check my case progress?
Definitely, after successful login, you can click on “Submit Your Dues” to upload dues alongwith documents favouring your due payments.  You can also manually fill the “Submit Dues Form” and upload it after filling in the required details.  Do you face any difficulty, do contact us for assistance by clicking here.

10. How is your approach towards legal case different from other Law Firms/Advocates ?
We are specialised in payment collection job. We have an internal Para Legal team who regularly do research work in payment collection work which include studying various updates on law, judgment by hon’ble Courts and government policies. Our Para Legal team while handing over the case to partnered Law Firm, do provide them with vital information about your case and also assist them if any further information required by their side. We also have partnerships for e-arbitration and e-mediation as alternate amicable solutions to resolve your payment issues as an option.

11. Can you guide me to submit my dues and check my case progress?
Definitely, after successful login, you can click on “Submit Your Dues” to upload dues alongwith documents favouring your due payments. You can also manually fill the “Submit Dues Form” and upload it after filling in the required details. Do you face any difficulty, do contact us for assistance by clicking here.
1. How can I become a Member of BizBureau ?
There are simple steps to become Member of BizBureau. You have to first click on ‘Sign Up’ button   and fill a simple Membership Form and pay fees after selecting your ‘Plan’. After that, you are ready to login into the BizBureau website.You can also visit our YouTube page to understand the process.

2. I am an individual. Can I become member of the BizBureau ?
Currently this facility is available only for businesses (B2C and B2C) only.   An Individual can’t become Member.

3. Why I should become Member of BizBureau ?
BizBureau is a dedicated technology based platform addressing your much required problem of overdue payments.  It is estimated that over 80% of businesses shutting down are due to non receipt or delayed receipt payment problems. In businesses, a leading reason for cash flow problem is unpaid dues or delayed dues. Late payment can thus not only hurt the growth of a business and in some cases, threaten its very existence.

4. How much time does it take to recover my business dues?
It primarily depends on the type of case, age of case and other matters related to the cusotmers. We send reminders and educate the clients about urgency of payments as default in payment could be seen by other Businessess and Banking sector which can affect his future business interest and loans. In most of the cases, client understand the benefits and release your payments.

5. What if my customer has changed his mobile number, residence or office/factory address?
BizBureau has specialised market research team who keep a very good knowledge of   locations and addresses anywhere in India.  The source of information to investigate customers addresses include physical searches, enquiries at the locations of the customers, public register, local sources, news and enquiries from the Courts. The research team and sometime our tie up with some private investigator firms, could help you in getting new addresses to take

6. What are the documents required to become member and submit cases?
Since, BizBureau is a service for businesses only, we would require your GST number or business PAN number at the time of Registration.  
It is advisable, while submitting the case, provide as much documentary evidences in favour of your case like Agreement, Invoices, Email communications, letter etc.

7. What expert support your Customer Care and Para Legal Staff would provide ?
Customer Care is there to assist in Registration and Membership.Our Para Legal Staff is there to support you in providing guidelines regarding legal actions options available with you and like related matters.

8. How do I know about my case status after submission ?
BizBureau provide each Member a log in and password to access and know the status after log in to MIS (Management Information System).  The MIS provides the case information as well progress of individual case.

9. Is there any expiry date of Membership?
The membership not having any expiry date but the Membership Plan does have a validity period of one year.  You have to renew it on yearly basis to get uninterrupted benefits.

10. Does BizBureau start working on our case immediately on receiving case?
BizBureau Team study all the documents first at its end and after studying only start working on it.  The normal process action starts after 1-2 days of receiving case.
1. How does the notifications (IVR, SMS, Whatsapp& Email) help in collections of overdue payments?
BizBureauuse various ready to use standard notification templates (for IVR, SMS, Whatsapp& Email) to remind the customers and to motivate to make payments and how non-payment could be viewed by the Banking Institutions and other businesses and could create negative effect in its future loans and business activities.

2. What notifications are sent to the Customers?
A notifications is a reminder to the customer about the payment overdue, name of the party, amount.   At the same time, notification purpose is to educate the customer how payment to you can be beneficial and how non payment could put adverse effect on his credit ratings/reports.
3. What are other facilities available through technology platform? You can access your case daily status report after signing in.   The Report will contain your case details along with current status for your information purpose.
4. Does BizBureau send notifications in English Language only?
BizBureau does send notifications in English as well as in Hindi or applicable area regional language also. The templates can be checked after logging in and clicking at notifications section to see SMS templates.
1. What is the Membership Fees to join BizBureau?
BizBureau has different plans depending on your needs/case.   There is separate Membership structure for Overdue Payments and regular Payments Outsourcing. The fee structure can be seen after clicking here.

2. What if we outsource our regular Payment to BizBureau.?
We have different plans for the same.  You can after signing in can choose plan C for Regular Payment Outsourcing.  There are different plans and pricing, depending on number and amount of monthly billing. The same can be accessible by clicking here.
1. Whatare Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) ?
We do believe in amicable solution to your business overdue problem.   Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) promote mutual legal solution to your payments problem through e-arbitration.  We do partnered to conduct E-Arbitration to resolve your payment issues.

2. What is E-Arbitration and how it could be helpful to resolve my overdue payment issue?
Arbitration is a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement of the parties, to one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision on the dispute. In choosing arbitration, the parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court.  Arbitration is consensual. Arbitration proceedings are initiated to amicably solve the payment issue.
E-Arbitration is a process of filling arbitration proceedings electronically from the comfort of your respective places. Arbitration is a manner to resolve disputes by one or more private persons acting as a judge (the arbitrators). E-arbitration refers to the use of electronic means like e-mail and electronic file management systems to be used through the internet.  E-arbitration Awards are binding on the party and thus help you resolve your payment issues.It is a legal proceedings with less procedures and minimum paper work.  The whole process is legal, transparent and Award binding on each parties to the Arbitration.  However, the Award out of such proceedings is subject to claims/counterclaims and at the judgement of the Arbitrator.

3. What is your Para Legal services to Members?
BizBureau has a dedicated Para Legal team, to study your case, to do regular research and study on various case law, decisions, orders, government policies and plans.  A through study help us to strategies a future course of action and assist the partnered Law  Firm while they perusing in the Hon’ble Courts.We support and advise you throughout all stages of payment collection, from outsourcing accounts receivable, amicable solutions, monitoring the payment plans and collection of payments.  If the amicable approach proves ineffective, we are able to escalate quickly and professionally while providing you options for legal action under able guidelines from our internal Para Legal team.
4. How BizBureau help us in case we opt for legal proceedings? At first, BizBureau’s internal Para Legal Team, after studying the case and status, under your consultation will handover the matter for further legal action to one of our partnered Law Firm.  Then, the further action like serving Legal Notice, Court Proceedings etc will be done by the partnered Law Firm and discounted fees will be charged directly from you.  However, our Para Legal team is always their to answer your queries, update you about status of the case and assist the Law Firm wherever some queries from their side.

5. What is possible cost and fees in legal phase?
Its not feasible to give an estimate what the partnered Law Firm will charges as it depends on various factors including the complexity of the case.  Generally, legal costs involve, inter alia, Court Fees, Attorney Fees, Drafting and Misl fees. However, we can assure you that the fees would be discounted with an assurance that the case would be handled by the specialised and experienced Law Firm.
1. What is Regular Payment Outsourcing term meaning here ?
Payment Receivable Outsourcing stands here for outsourcing of regular payments collection.   In this mechanism, we took all the burdens once invoices are issued from your end.  A strategy is defined under consultation with you and a follow up systems periodwise prepared and implemented.   It give you more time to concentrate on your key business activities and grow your business. Our expert team then follow up on regular basis your regular payments.

2. We already have internal Finance Department, why do we need Regular Payment Outsourcing ?
BizBureau supplement and not replace your Finance Department.  The billing/invoiceing is done by the Finance Department only, we do further follow up activities.  Every business has their own challenges and targets.  The payment follow is a specialised and time taking job thus better to outsource the burden to a specialised firm who provide you regular MIS /information about your payment collection. You always have opportunity to outsource partial or complete or only overdue payments activities.

3. How does BizBureau assist me to receive payment faster than my Finance Department ?
BizBureau is a specialised job, we use modern technologies and at the same time educate Customer to avoid bad rating in Credit Score.   We have an internal team to do research, study law and rules and guide you on future course of action.  We update even about the business health of the customers so you can take right decision of level of work to be done with the customer in future.  We have empanelled Advocates who are specialised in the job to help you in recovery of dues through legal ways if required.

4. What are the benefits of choosing Corporate Plan ?
The Corporate Plan is designed for big corporates who have monthly number of bills exceeds 1500.  In that case, our Marketing Team contact you and final the special pricing exclusively for your Organisatioin.
BizBureau pay utmost importance to data security.
BizBureau ensures privacy and security to data uploaded and information shared by you.